Sweeney Art

I'm a contemporary Street Artist located in South Florida. Mostly known for my murals and canvas works that focus on the common theme of “love". I created my Stretched hearts to show that we should all be open to sharing love, and my Xørobot to show a fun whimsical image the depicts something that runs on love.

News & Events

WynwoodLife Festival

Join me and multiple other talented artists being featured at this years WynwoodLife festival. There will be live music, Art, great food, and even ...

Feb 15

Beer Can Released

Check out "One&Only" the limited edition beer can designed by Fishweir Brewery located in Jacksonville Florida. This local brewery has multiple ...

Mar 15

XøSweeneyart Presents: LØVESØNGS A Solo Art Exhibit

Join us Friday June 7th for artist Christopher Sweeney's biggest solo exhibition yet. The show opens on Friday June 7th at Rawspace gallery in Vero ...

May 23